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Chapter 1: A Muse is Discovered

Sitting in a bar on Bleecker Street as a student at NYU, I was forty minutes into a deep conversation with an unlikely stranger. His name was Joe, and he was an eccentric 70-year-old artist I ran into at the bar. I randomly struck up a conversation with him, and before I knew it, we had fallen into a profound tête-à-tête. Joe told me all about the history of avant-garde art in New York, and, to my surprise, unique advice about how he could license his artwork to create new revenue streams began to pour out of me. 


Before we parted ways, we hugged and Joe called me his Muse.

Little did I know, this chance meeting would foreshadow my future as the Legal Muse.

Chapter 2: A Muse is Made

Originally from West Virginia, I began to travel the world during college and consumed every bit of art, culture, and experience I could get my hands on. At age 19, I moved to Shanghai. My curiosity immediately snowballed, and the list of places I have lived now includes Prague, Mumbai, Berlin, Buenos Aires (twice), and Oxford University (also twice). I’ve visited 37 countries and counting (always open to recommendations!). From each new person I meet or unfamiliar experience I conquer, I build a new lens to view and approach the challenges I face.


At some point, I found my way back to the U.S. and to law school. As an international corporate lawyer, I practiced as an extreme generalist, and the list of legal issues I had handled became even longer than the list of places I had lived. My legal work allowed me to use my ability to inspire others in the arts of business, law, and creative problem-solving by providing economically pragmatic legal advice to businesses. My passion for truly connecting with new experiences and people allowed me to bring empathy and a human perspective to what can otherwise be a cold profession (sorry lawyers).


I found myself becoming professionally what I had always been personally:

a muse:

an individual who inspires an artist or thinker to do their best work.

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Chapter 3: The Legal Muse Begins

As COVID impacted the economy throughout 2020, I began to see an opportunity in the market. Small and medium-sized businesses (and startups) didn’t have access to the kind of hands-on legal advice from which I felt they would most benefit in these challenging times. I created Legal Muse to support startups and small- to mid-size businesses with real, practical information and guidance. You shouldn’t have to settle for piecemeal legal advice just because shelling out for full-time in-house counsel doesn’t make financial sense for your company. Legal Muse looks at the full picture of your organization, as opposed to the limited scope question-and-response “support” provided by most outside counsel (or even some in-house counsel!).

One of my gifts is the ability to tackle “wicked problems” with my diverse knowledge and experiences to inform problem-solving and inspire creative, 360-degree solutions. Paired with my business training and linear lawyer brain, I offer a level of value to startups and businesses that cannot be found individually in most business consultants or lawyers.

This unique combination of attributes only exists in the Legal Muse.

Epilogue: The Future of You and Your Muse

And so we return to where we began, to the story of you and your Muse. If you are tired of putting out fires, I can help. If you are tired of getting nowhere, I can help. If you need a Legal Muse, I can help.

In these unprecedented times, I want to help you stop fighting unexpected fires and take control over the legal risks which may lie ahead. Book a 30-minute consultation with me today and I’ll start putting out the fires (and keeping them from starting again!) so you can focus on growing your business instead.


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Less interesting stuff:

Current Bar Membership

New York


West Virginia

IAPP Data Privacy Certifications

CIPP/E (Certified Information Privacy Professional–Europe/GDPR)

CIPM (Certified Information Privacy Manager)

Other Positions

Tutor/Mentor, The New School OBP (present)

Co-founder, (present, launching 2021)

Senior Consultant, Cross-Border Legal Strategy, Reego Solutions (2019-present)

Corporate Counsel, GSMA (2015-2020)

General Counsel, Brighter Brain (IT consulting firm) (2014-2015)

Fellow, UGA Law at St. Anne’s College, Oxford University (2013-2014)

Fellow, US-China Economic and Security Review Commission (2012)

Summer Associate, Clorox International Legal Department (Buenos Aires) (2011)

Intern, U.S. Senator Robert C. Byrd (2009)o


University of Georgia School of Law (2013)

New York University Stern School of Business (2010)

EdX + Georgia Tech, Computing in Python Certificate (2020)

Duke University, FinTech Law and Policy Certificate (2020)


Rebel talent

Confronting challenging/unfamiliar situations and wicked problems

Blockchain/DLT solutions

Classic films (Criterion Collection)

Dog mom (maltese, Napoleon Bonabarke)


PADI Open Water Diver

Bad surfer

Classically trained vocalist and actress