Legal Muse

Fractional In-House Counsel

Legal Muse is proud to offer ongoing retainer packages for current clients, providing fractional in-house counsel.

What is fractional in-house counsel?

Where an organization does not have the need for full-time in-house counsel, fractional in-house counsel provides an opportunity to hire a continuing member of your team to serve as legal counsel on call. This person will already know your products and people, risk tolerances, and other important information, so no annoying period of getting someone new up to speed at a high hourly rate. 

Have a tricky negotiation with a key client? Need advice on a new product, opportunity, partnership, or strategic deal structuring? Facing an urgent data breach, threat of litigation, rights infringement, or other matter? 

Skip the additional cost and frustration of getting a new attorney up to speed: choose fractional in-house counsel and have legal support ready to jump into action immediately when you need it, without the high hourly billable rate.

Legal Muse offers flexible, fractional in-house counsel.