Legal Muse

What's a Risk Revelations session?

A Risk Revelations session is a $50, 30-minute session where the Muse guides you in considering the risks and challenges facing your business through her eyes and experience.

Prior to your session, the Muse will send a list of questions for you to return. During the session, we will discuss your responses and you’ll take a look at a) your identified primary areas of risk; b) concerns you have for your business; and c) your key objectives. The Muse will walk you through these topics and provide new ways to consider and address these risks, offering advice, insights, perspectives, and a touch of inspiration.

Should you elect to continue engagement with Legal Muse, a credit for this fee will be applied to your first invoice. 

*All Risk Revelations sessions are subject to accurate completion and clearing of the “Conflicts Assessment” prior to your session. A conflicts check prior to accepting a client is a requirement under legal ethics rules. Although rare, prospective clients with which there may be a conflict will be notified and refunded if representation of the conflicted parties is deemed unethical. 
*Clients for whom certain services cannot legally be provided due to jurisdiction will also be notified and refunded.