Legal Muse


Welcome to Musedom 101: a guide to the beliefs and values that are essential to my musedom. 

I live by five foundational rules that help me to pattern my life around inspiring others and making the world a better place, and serve as the guiding principles of Legal Muse.

Rule # 1: Inspire Creativity

I use my creativity and gifts as a muse to lend new, unique perspectives to my clients to spark inspiration that fuels breakthroughs for persistent business issues. I am known for thinking outside the box, coloring outside of the lines, dancing to the beat of my own drum, and never falling back on tired cliches.

Rule #2: Cultivate Partnerships

As someone naturally team-oriented, helping your business succeed drives me. I believe collaboration and multi-perspective problem solving leads to better, smarter, solutions. By cultivating partnerships with my clients, their stakeholders, and other third parties, my network and diverse array of resources enables better problem solving and a better ability to handle nuance and complexity. I view myself as a trusted ally for my clients, and hope to be viewed as the legal counsel in your corner.

Rule #3: Create Value

I don’t just do the “lawyer stuff”, I employ all of my skills, from business to technology to cross-border to interpersonal, to provide more than typical outside counsel can offer. I draw on my wide array of life experiences, perspectives, and abilities to give my clients the most value possible for their investment. 

I don’t just offer legal advice — I offer the entirety of my musedom to my clients.

Rule #4: Gain Perspective

I tackle problems by looking at the full picture instead of handling things piecemeal. I dive into the weeds of my clients’ organizations to truly understand every aspect of their businesses. I believe that ad hoc question-and-answer legal counsel can’t provide the level of support that business owners need to overcome the obstacles that get in the way of their success—you need someone to help show you what might lie ahead to address weaknesses proactively before they impede your success.

Rule #5: Promote Equality

I believe that all people are equal and it is everyone’s obligation to support a more equal world. Especially in the legal field, embedding both internal and external diversity-supportive practices is not only, in my view, necessitated by our professional ethical obligations but provides a richer, more complete perspective for clients. By specifically seeking clients and collaborators who provide this diversity to my practice, I believe I provide more tailored service and better advice. Through my Equality Commitment, including my 20% billable hour pro bono pledge, Legal Muse aspires to help level the playing field for small minority-owned businesses.

In creating Legal Muse, I sought to incorporate all of my rules of musedom into the way my law firm would treat people, the services it would offer, and the methods it would use to help its clients. I wanted Legal Muse to truly inspire its clients and support their businesses in a unique and profound way.

The Legal Muse Mission:

To support entrepreneurs in realizing their goals by providing quality legal representation and creative solutions. I don’t just look at what’s right in front of me, I dive deep into each client’s business to provide bespoke and inspired advice based on the full picture of the company’s objectives, risks, and needs. 

As a muse, I have an innate need to support and empower others to achieve their personal goals, which I have blended with my passion for equality and justice to create the unique law firm experience that is Legal Muse.