Legal Muse

I’m not just here to fight fires.

I’m here to help you avoid them.

Legal Muse offers a variety of services to support your business.


Legal Muse advocates a holistic legal experience, applying our unique approach to ensure advice is fully informed to tailor guidance to your specific risk tolerance, financial constraints, and objectives. 

Break up services  get what you need, when you need it.



Interested but not ready to commit? 


Check out the Legal Muse $50 Risk Revelations session: a 30 minute introductory consultation session where the Muse dives into your business, identifying and contextualizing some of your legal risks. 

Subject to conflicts clearance; some restrictions apply.

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The Blacklight Package

Legal Muse dives deep by reviewing your contracts, operations, and other aspects of your business to reveal potentially unseen legal risks. Legal Muse then delivers a Blacklight Report to illuminate and contextualize these risks, providing insight to help you make informed decisions regarding your legal to-dos and strategy.


Founders’ Agreements

Legal Muse is a specialist in Founders’ Agreements—the agreement every startup’s founding team should have to clarify roles, responsibilities, equity, vesting, and other items. As discussed in my forthcoming book, the value of a Founders’ Agreement goes far beyond this piece of paper! Legal Muse’s unique Founders’ Agreement process combines emotional intelligence, business strategy, and legal advice to promote alignment and transparency in the founding team and set a strong foundation for your startup to succeed.


Flat Fee Packages

Worried about ballooning legal costs? 

Legal Muse has you covered, offering flat fee packages for basic business services including formation, contractor agreements, and other key issues. Manage your risks while remaining certain of staying in-budget.


Fractional In-House Counsel

Want in-house counsel on call without the hefty full-time employee price tag? Legal Muse offers fractional in-house counsel packages to support your business or startup. Starting at a minimum of 5 hours per month and subject to availability, Legal Muse can provide the in-house style advice you need for (almost) any budget.


Startup Law

Legal Muse offers a variety of services to support your startup’s leadership in forming a clearer picture of legal to-dos, risks, and red flags. Legal Muse is here to support your startup by being a legal ally in your startup leadership’s corner.


Business Law

Legal Muse works with businesses large and small. Seeking legal advice for your business for the first time? Contact Legal Muse! Do you have existing legal counsel (outside or in-house) but you would like a fresh set of eyes, additional capacity at lower cost, or specialist skill sets like global data privacy program development and implementation? Contact Legal Muse!


Events Law

Planning a large event or trade show? In this time of uncertainty, securing fractional in-house counsel to support these events can provide cost efficiencies to your events company as you begin to engage with larger audiences in-person. Legal Muse’s deep events experience can support your company’s needs for your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event while managing costs and risks as we transition to a post-COVID world. Revamp your processes and contracts to be ready to take your in-person, virtual, or hybrid event to the next level.

Additionally, if specialist legal counsel is required, you’ll have Legal Muse in your corner to ensure every legal dollar spent hits above its weight. With our list of high-quality diverse subject matter specialists which offer better rates for quality representation, you’ll also know you are supporting diverse professionals should you need specialized services for securities, litigation, trademark/patent filings, or other specialist areas.