Legal Muse


Just like plastics, legal advice shouldn’t be single-use.

Dive Deep
Phase 1:
Design Solutions
Phase 2:
Deploy Intelligently
Phase 3:

Legal Muse strives to ensure every dollar you spend on legal pays dividends over the life and growth of your business.


Unexpected “fires” consume your valuable time, energy, and money. When Legal Muse puts out fires, we apply that learning and investment to preventative risk management mechanisms to avoid it ever happening again.

Focus on what matters and let your Muse handle the rest. (At least the legal bits.)


Disclaimer: Legal Muse assists with metaphorical fires, but cannot help with things actually on fire. 
In the event of an actual fire, please call 911.


First, the Muse dives into the weeds to look at your people, processes, products, policies, contracts, and objectives. The clearer our picture, the better the advice.

All that annoying stuff you prefer to be shoved in a drawer never to read again? We love it.

Let the Muse be your legal eyes and ears to take a good, long look at your organization and see what risks and opportunities are hiding in plain sight. It’s like x-ray vision, except it requires at least a decade of training and is much less fun at a party–but proves far more valuable to your business’s future.
Lawyers like to tell you what to do and what not to do. They provide answers to a specific question, but frequently aren’t really listening to what you actually need, want, or can afford.

When Legal Muse solves a challenge, we don’t do it just once: we provide multiple options for you to consider, based on your constraints and risk tolerance. Entrepreneurship was always a “choose your own adventure”, and our legal advice matches that spirit.

Oh, did I mention we also advise on cost efficient risk management frameworks that impress investors? Check.
Have you ever tried to provide tech support to your parents over the phone? Providing instructions is one thing, but actioning and implementing them is quite another.

Implementation requires consideration of lots of human elements and a true 50,000 foot view to understand how to avoid disrupting what’s going right in your business.

Luckily, your Muse already knows the relevant details, and can develop a bespoke plan tailored to your resource requirements, business cycle, cash flow, training needs, and everything required to ensure a successful roll-out.

Lawyers aren’t exactly known for high EQ, project management, or implementation finesse, making legal advice–even in-house advice!–frequently feel more like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (as you recall, the Temple itself didn’t fare too well).

Thank goodness you hired the Ocean’s 11 of legal counsels.